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MORNING (2016)

Produced by Álvaro Assmar and Eric Assmar, "Morning" is the new album from Eric Assmar Trio, which sounds more bluesy, mixed with elements of rock, funk and soul music. In eleven songs written by Eric Assmar, such as "Morning", "Paradise Highway", "Time Is Mine" and "Would You Love Me", Eric Assmar shows a more clear musical identity in his songwriting, bringing different musical elements in brand new, powerful and catchy songs.



Emerging as one of the new names of the Brazilian blues scene, the young guitar player, singer and songwriter Eric Assmar plays his music inspired on the blues groups from the 60's and 70's, classic rock and soul music artists.

With two released albums for Star Blues label - "Eric Assmar Trio" (2012) and "Morning" (2016) - Eric won the prize on “Best Musician” category in Caymmi Music Awards (Bahia, Brazil – 2015), in which he was nominated side by side with heavyweight names of music from the whole Bahia state. The 30-year-old Eric is son of the blues pioneer in Bahia, Álvaro Assmar, and leads his blues/rock career since his youth playing in many cities, based in the city of Salvador, Brazil, where he still lives.

Over the years, Eric Assmar has been touring, recording and playing in many cities in Brazil, alongside with some of the greatest names of Brazilian blues and rock ‘n’ roll, such as Os Panteras (Raul Seixas’s band), Marcelo Nova, André Christovam, Álvaro Assmar and Vandex, with whom he played at SXSW Festival, in Austin, Texas, in 2009. In 2010, Eric graduated in Music Education at Federal University of Bahia, becoming a Master in Ethnomusicology, in 2014, leading a research about the blues scene in his city. Eric now is a PhD student in Music Education, doing a research about the teaching and learning of blues guitar. He’s been working regularly as a researcher about the blues scenes in Brazil and worldwide, keeping contact with many artists and reading about festivals, new album releases, new artists, and more.

Since january 2018, he produces the weekly radio show Educadora Blues, broadcasted by Rádio Educadora FM, a public radio station from Bahia, presenting new albums and single releases from blues artists from all over the world. The show was founded by his father, Álvaro Assmar, in april 2003, and it’s been happening through over 15 years. Álvaro suddenly passed away in december 2017, he had a huge experience working in radios through decades and left a huge legacy as a blues artist in Brazil. Eric is helding his musical legacy and became the producer of Educadora Blues.

Produced by Álvaro Assmar and Eric, his debut album had its release concert filmed and broadcasted on a TV special. The album and its tour received positive reviews by the critics, as can be seen in published articles on Guitar Player Brasil magazine (2015), Guitar Load (2013) and also a mention on Wall Street International website (New York – 2015), in an article written by Canadian journalist Art Zantinge about the blues in Brazil.

In October of 2015, Guitar Player Brasil magazine had featured on its cover a tribute to blues, celebrated with an interview with three great Brazilian icons. Eric Assmar was mentioned by the pioneer of blues in Brazil, André Christovam, as one of the good names that keeps this music alive in the country. Christovam pointed out: “New and vitalized blood”.

With his group Eric Assmar Trio, Eric released in July of 2016 his second album, “Morning”, with all songs written by himself. The album was produced by Álvaro and Eric as well. “Morning” is more connected with the blues, with pop, rock and soul music elements, being an important creative moment in his career. It also shows a more clear musical identity in Eric’s songwriting.

“Morning”’s release concert was filmed and broadcasted on a TV special for TVE Bahia and TV Brasil, for the whole country, in the year of 2017. In October 2016, Eric played two solo concerts in New York City, in two venues in Harlem, bringing his brazilian blues songs to an american audience. In the following year, he played in Toronto, Canada.

In march 2018, he produced the concerts “Álvaro Assmar 60 Anos”, in Café-Teatro Rubi (Salvador), paying a tribute to his father 60th anniversary. Eric played alongside with harmonica player Flávio Guimarães – founding member of Blues Etílicos, one of the first Brazilian blues bands – bassist Adelmo Assmar (Álvaro’s brother), and Álvaro’s band (Mojo Blues Band), playing songs of Álvaro Assmar’s whole discography. The concerts were filmed, recorded and broadcasted by TVE Bahia and TV Brasil, for the whole country, in the beginning of 2019.

Eric Assmar goes through various decades of blues, rock and soul music, resulting in brand new and catchy songs, which gains a new boost in live performances, with a lot of energy and power on improvisations. He has been performing in a lot of venues in different cities, such as Teatro do IRDEB, Parque da Cidade (Salvador), VI Festival de Blues de Londrina (Paraná), Festival de Jazz do Capão (Chapada Diamantina, Bahia), Paulo Afonso Jazz Festival, and concerts in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, with the trio or in a solo acoustic set, increasing the number of his followers in every place he plays.